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International Institute of Tantra

Tantra Massage

 Neo-Tantra - 20 Levels of Beautiful Sensual and Somatic Experiencing. 

All Sessions are with your Tantrika

All sessions can be done also as a couple with a Tantrika instructing. 

These Amazing Sessions are also available as workshops - Subscribe to join the email list to be invited to our exclusive events. 

20 Levels of Tantra - The Full Spectrum of Experiential Tantra

20 level Tantra Massage Program

Level 1 – Tantra & Chakra Diagnostics


Level 2 – Breathwork and Body Dynamics


Level 3 – Body to Body Integration of level 1 and 2.

Levels 1 - 3


Tantra & Chakra Diagnostics

Beginning with a diagnostic of your energy channels, flow and segments. Working with any issues and blockages that affect the flow of energy in your body and giving you a deeper dive into the required area of focus together with a signature massage sequence.

Level 2

Breathwork and Body Dynamics

A beautiful dynamic session incorporating the 7 breaths of tantra and body dynamics and how they work in different tantric postures and positions. All while receiving a crafted massage sequence.

Level 3

Body to Body Integration of level 1 & 2

Sensual Body To Body Massage incorporating the activation of the chakras as taught in level 1 and doing the breathwork as taught in level 2 to experience the sensual build of energy and learn to control the sexual energy for long lasting experience. 

Role Reversal - Levels 4 - 5

Level 4 - Role Reversal Level 1 & 2


Level 5 – Role Reversal level 3

Level 4

Role Reversal of Level 1 & 2

Learn to give the level 1 and 2 to your practitioner. You can learn the hands on skills needed to give a level 1 and 2 base level bodywork massage to your partner by practicing on the practitioner whom will guide you on what to do and how to do it. 

Level 5

Role Reversal of Level 3

Learn the sequence of the body to body level 3 on your practitioner. You will learn to coordinate yourself and give a sensual and beautiful level 3 tantra massage to your practitioner to take these skills home and use in your personal life. 

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The Following Sessions are Erotic.

We are in a State of Australia where we are Legally licensed and permitted to offer these services by law.  

Lingam Massage - Level 6 - 8

Level 6 – Lingam Massage RED


Level 7 – Lingam Massage Blue


Level 8 – Lingam Massage Black

Level 6

Lingam Red

A sensual and beautiful body slide bodywork that enables a deeper connection and build up of the sexual energy as well as a focus on the lingam area to generate and cultivate sexual energy and learn to control and distribute throughout the entire body. 

Level 7

Lingam Blue

Similar to Lingam Red - however more powerful postures and positions to practice in. More dynamic, breathwork, altered states and getting into flow state with sexual energy build up - this session is beautiful. 

Level 8

Lingam Black

Similar to lingam Blue however a more comprehensive and dynamic addition of further postures and positions. Lingam energy doesn't just move while you are laying down - you will be practicing more of the positions that you havn't before. 

Levels 9 - 11

Level 9 – Yoni Massage


Level 10 – White Tigress


Level 11 – Jade Dragon

Levels 9 -11

Level 9 

Yoni Massage

You will learn how to give a Yoni Massage to a woman. Learn Yoni Mapping techniques and Yoni Worship. Be guided by your practitioner on her Yoni while she guides you on what to do, and how to do it. 

Level 10

White Tigress

A gorgeous session of Tantric Oral. She will build the energy and allow it to flow magnificently through your body in different White Tigress techniques. 

Level 11

Jade Dragon

A Beautiful Cunnilingus experience. Learn how to give oral on your tantrika. She will guide you and teach you on the right techniques as you also build your sexual energy and contain the space in a powerful sexual energetic build. 

Tantric Sexual Union - Level 12 - 14

Level 12 – Tantric Sexual Union – RED


Level 13 – Tantric Sexual Union – Blue


Level 14 – Tantric Sexual Union - Black

Level 12 - 14

Level 12

Tantric Sexual Union - Red

Tantric sex incorporating breathwork and energy centre activation. A sublime way to learn through the actual act of tantric sex with your Tantrika. Couples will be learning this with one another. 

Level 13

Tantric Sexual Union - Blue

Sacred Union in further additional postures and positions that enable a deeper practice into the orgasm energy control and sublimation of that energy throughout the body. 

Level 14

Tantric Sexual Union - Black

Even more advanced postures and positions and breathwork that bring the ecstatic experience to a whole new level. Practice of this session and the red and blue prior will enable you to have the deepest understanding of the Tantra experience. 

Kama Sutra - Level 15 - 17

Level 13 – Kama Sutra RED


Level 14 – Kama Sutra Blue


Level 15 – Kama Sutra Black

Level 15 - 17

Level 15

Kama Sutra - Red

Kama Sutra is the practice of further additional postures and positions that enable a more direct and deeper connection with your practitioner. This is using a Kama Sutra Chair specially designed for enhancing intimacy and orgasmic control and bliss. 

Level 16

Kama Sutra - Blue

Further postures and positions in a more animated and aerobic format - once again using the specially made Kama Sutra chair for the deepening of intimacy and connection to experience a wonderful and powerful extasis with your practitioner. 

Level 17

Kama Sutra - Black

A further additional postures and positions couples with white tigress and jade dragon and more ways of experiencing the Kama Sutra experience. 

Kink/BDSM - Level 18 - 20

Level 18 – Kink Tantra - Submission & Surrender

Level 19 - Kink TANTRA - Tie & Tease

Level 20 - BDSM Tantra 

Level 18

Submission & Surrender

Learn to surrender to Kink Tantra with this submission and surrender session. This session is curated for you and may or may not include erotic stimulation. You will be blindfolded, restrained and submit to the goddess that you are working with coupled with the breathwork and activations you learnt in prior sessions. 

Level 19

 Tie & Tease

In this session you will be restrained with some Shibari rope play and blindfolded for a submission to your Tantrika in a controlled space. You will then be teased through seduction, massage and lingam work to feel into your body for an embodiment like no other. 

Level 20


A more deeper level of play. Customised for those who would like to be involved in deep impact. Possibility of a St Andrews Cross, Stockade and other tools and utensils used for a deeper sensory play. 

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