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Session 3 - Temple Massage : Surrender


The practice of Tantra is founded upon the mysteries of the male to female union of energies. Samadhi, or otherwise known as enlightenment, is the personal consciousness of the union between Shiva and Shakti. The movements and techniques that come through Tantra and Yoga provides the individual an opportunity to experience this union and Tantra reaches towards this awareness together with a partner.

To accomplish this, the practitioners at the International Institute of Tantra. Teach you how to stimulate the life force (Shakti) and combine it with cosmic knowledge (Shiva) the Process of this awakening is accelerated through Tantra and is reflected in the image of the Kundalini.


Kundalini is both a representation of Cosmic Energy and of Shiva. And is depicted as a coiled serpent that lies dormant at the base of the spine.

Session Three IIOT helps awaken the energy which then rises along the spinal column, activating all the other Chakras on the way up. This is done through the dynamic movements of body postures including yab yam position, the breath (prana) and a heightened sense of awareness through meditation leading to a stronger and more fulfilling life.

Done on a futon on the floor, going through the 7 breaths of Tantra, putting into practice the body dynamics learnt in session 2 and activating the energy centres as learnt in session 1. 


There is no instruction in this session. It is an experiential Energetic Dance- it is what session 1 and 2 is preparing you for.

This session restores emotional harmony, connects sensual energy with the heart and rejuvenates the body. Session one and session two will be done in unison and you will fully feel the impact of the tantric session. This Session will include aspects of the Yab Yum position. The lotus flower opening and closing is a representation of this movement and the connection between you and the practitioner is fully felt. 


This is an amazing experience and will prepare you for advanced levels in tantric awakening.


Surrender to the Power Of Tantric Energy   







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