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Private Sessions in Kama Sutra Dance & Massage

Release Your Essence of Sensuality, Power and Love



Kama Sutra Dance is for Anyone

You Dance for your lover, your friend, your self. In movement we open and expand our creative element. We release anything laying dormant in our bodies. In love, we dance for our lover and expand our sense of being through dancing for the beloved. 

Movements, slow and sensual. The feminine essence overtaking any inhibitions. Standing still and being able to feel into the body. To embody your beloved, to become the beloved. The Dance of the Kama Sutra is this and more. 

In our Kama Sutra Dance Classes, freedom of movement is essential. We cover elements of Foot work, Floor Work, hair Work and Tool Work. Each week focusing on a new element to the body and to the beloved as the focal point.

This Dance is for everyone. It is for men, for women and for couples. Of all ages. Learning sensual slow movements where dance takes a new leap. We are rarely come accross a Dance which doesnt require you to move fast, all over the room and to strong beats. Kama Sutra Dance allows you to take your time. Feel your inner Goddess, Open and expand your level of awareness of the Body and understand that you are Truly a being of sensuality, power, and Love. 


The kama sutra Dance private session involves a sensual massage, and Dance together with the practitioner and client. This is a movement based massage. You will be moving to the bodystrokes while seated, standing and lying down.. enjoy this session, it is designed to move and release your essence of sensuality... 

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