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Advanced Tantra Sessions  . . . 

These sessions are designed to allow you to learn, hands on how to do a sensual body massage for your partner... by ustilising the body of your practitioner you are learning how to do.. on her.. the right techniques of sensuality and tantric massage.. 

experience this hands on one on one personal sensual massage session with your practitioner so that you can take away these hands on skills to your personal life.... 



Here is where you get the opportunity to Learn the Art of Tantric Touch, Let your God/dess guide you into the realm of sensual touch techniques and practice on your Tantra Guide. You will learn how to tune into your partners body and become aware of the subtle signs that will open your partner to you in more ways that will create a tantric energy flow. Tuning into chakra energy that you experienced in sessions 1 and 2 and be guided on hand and body placement, the movements, the chakra activation, how to guide your partner to do the 7 breaths of Tantra, Pelvic Rocking, body tilting and body sway.  This is a hands on session for you, as you will be enjoying the guidance of your practitioner. This session is on a massage table. Here you will learn the fundamentals on how to give the wonders of your Tantric touch. Duration:  2 Hours $300

2 Hours $300

ROLE REVERSAL 3 Body to Body Temple Massage on your practitioner


 This session involves the  instruction of how to do the body temple session.  Your God/dess will be be presented to you as your Shakti/Shiva and you will learn the energetics of how honor and respect lead to unifying into one whole. Guided into a space where you will feel like 14 Chakras are in both your bodies. This is where you learn how to give the body to body temple massage on your practitioner just as you experienced it from her. 

Duration : 2 Hours $320 




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